Glass Addicts Unite
Bringing you some of the sickest glass pieces you've ever seen. Submissions are always welcome if you want to show off your piece (the whole piece must be in the photo)!

**I do NOT claim any of these photos as my own unless otherwise stated**
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monierslaughter asked: How much for the blue/white dribble pipe?


That one isn’t for sale, sorry dude!

Anonymous asked: yo, u wanna post a pic of ur collection sometime?


Working on it! 

youcanhavemetalback asked: would you be willing to sell rasta linework sherlock?


I don’t own that piece

This was a custom order piece that was never picked up, so I got it for a steal! The artist, Kaleb, has started making these to order since so many people requested them, but I’m proud to say that mine is the original :)

dahllyd asked: Do you spend more money on glass or weed?


Most definitely weed. When it comes down to deciding whether I want to spend my paycheck on cannabis vs something to smoke cannabis with, I typically end up passing on the glass.

Plus I can be picky when it comes to glass, so even if I like a piece, I usually end up convincing myself not to buy it unless I really love it. 

However, that hasn’t stopped me from building up a not-too-shabby collection ;)

trippylilhippy asked: Hi friend! I love your blog, as one of my favorite things about life is to browse etsy looking for a new piece! I was wondering if there is a way to just see the pipes in your collection? Like if you have them all tagged a certain way? Keep on rocking, your blog is the raddest.


Hello! You know..I never thought about that, but that’s a great idea. I don’t currently have a personal tag, but that’s a project I’d look into working on. Thanks for the love! Also love your username haha

stonedcatss asked: Love your blog! I have quite a few pieces from farm house glass as well!


Nice! I love her work; she’s one of my favorites

smokeweedandbitch asked: Good tumblr ! I followers you :)


Thanks for the love! And the follow ;)

elmosmith6611 asked: Dude your blog is amazing!



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