Porn for Pipe Lovers
If you love looking at pipes or want to check out awesome glass artists, this blog is for you. Submissions are always welcome if you want to show off your piece!

**I do NOT claim any of these photos as my own unless otherwise stated**
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If you want a chance to win one of these guys, stay tuned! 

I’m trying to downsize my collection since I’ll be moving PLUS this blog is almost at 2,000 followers!!!

Which is the most any of my blogs have ever had since. Ever.

So whenever this blog reaches 2,000 followers, I’ll be posting about a chance to knab one of these sweet pieces.

Stay tuned! 

Octopus Spoon Pipe by AntiMatterGlass

Scrat from Ice Age Pipe by ApolloGlassStudio

Super Sexy Sherlock by IllustratedSquare

I made up the name btw

Powder Frog Pipe by AntiMatterGlass

Double Octopus Medium Spoon by Andromedaglass

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