Glass Addicts Unite
Bringing you some of the sickest glass pieces you've ever seen. Submissions are always welcome if you want to show off your piece (the whole piece must be in the photo)!

**I do NOT claim any of these photos as my own unless otherwise stated**
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Anonymous asked: If you did sell one of your pieces (whichever ones you'd be willing to sell) would you charge for shipping/ would you accept American Express as a form of payment ?


I’d charge for shipping. And sure, I don’t see why not. I’d probably use Paypal honestly; it’s one of the easiest ways

An awesome piece that I got for free with my rainbow pipe! I love it so much. I name it Juggernaut and it’s sooooo solid.

Made by AllGlassBreaks

Anonymous asked: Would you be willing to sell any of the pieces you have ?


There are a couple pieces that I’m looking to sell, which one were you thinking? 

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